Broadway Stages are used in concern of famous musician, TV shoes and some special events. There is no doubt that everyone is there for performance but a stage director has to manage it all. When such shows are decided, most of stage director always look for Broadway stages.

There are few Broadway stages in big cities but a director want to choose the best one so everything goes well without any kind of issue. In order to find the best theatres of Broadway, they pay attention to number of people going to attend this show, how long it will take, which type of performance will be done and much more.

Some Best Broadway Stages

It can be tough to find the best stage but here, we are mentioning some of the popular and best theatres of Broadway that can be considered. Check out the below given list and know what make them advantageous –

  • Belasco Theatre opened in 1907 which is built by David Belasco.
  • New Amsterdam Theatre holds the record of best Broadway Theater.
  • Music Box Theatre was built in 1921 and has the Broadway.
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre was built in 1924 by the martin beck.
  • Lyceum Theatre is the oldest opening Broadway in 1903.
  • Helen Hayes Theatre was built in 1912 and it was renamed in 1983.

These are some of the famous best theatres of Broadway and these are used in many big concert and performances.

In order to find the right best theatres of Broadway, one should focus on all the vital factors and considering the number of people to arrive is first thing. A good director knows that how to decorate these stages and make them extremely beautiful. With the use of Graphics tablet, a stage can be decorated.