NOVA Master Mouse Pad

NOVA has been manufacturing gamer’s mice and mouse pads for 15 years and the Master is a great addition to any gamers arsenal, the Bag 4 Lan gamers bag is also a fantastic way to get where you’re going with all your gaming gear.

NOVA gaming products include mice and mouse pads for gamers and especially gamers on the go with the Master mouse pad and B4L gamers bag. NOVA products can be found at the esportNOVA website as well as several online retailers to purchase your high quality NOVA gear.

I asked for and received the NOVA Master mouse pad and received an additional present in the package, the NOVA B4L gamer bag as well. One without the other is great but they make a great pair for any gamer who truly wants to get to his gaming parties in style as well as performing his best.

The NOVA Master is a great and thick mouse pad to deliver the maximum performance for a mouse pad even on rough table surfaces that you may encounter. The Master pad is a flexible, three layered mouse pad that has a slightly hard top surface with a good foam pad and slightly sticky bottom foam layer.

These three layers are well sealed together to create a flexible and sturdy mousing surface that will hold up well to wear and tear. The bottom of the mouse pad is slightly tacky but not sticky to give a non slide adherence to a desk or table but it does attract things as well.

My desk has peeling paint and little bits are sticking to the bottom of the mousing pad but you can easily clean the pad top and bottom with soap and water to remove debris. You can also use cleaners like window cleaner or orange cleaner to get the surface clean without damaging the pad.

The mouse pad surface for the top is a harder plastic so you have a semi rigid surface that you can use on rough surfaces and still have a nice smooth mousing area. Using the Nova Master mouse pad on rough surfaces like cheap tables gives you a great mousing experience for gaming or just regular computer use.

The Master is a smooth and even pad with a no lag surface according to the Nova Gaming website but I really have no way to test this other than gaming. While gaming it works really well and offers smooth and consistent gameplay in both first person shooters and other game types like real time simulations.

I played Far Cry 2, Call of Duty 4, Unreal Tournament 3 and World in Conflict without any problems or lag that I could detect or notice. The mouse was very smooth and responsive across the surface using a few different mice; a Wolfking Trooper MVP, a Razer DeathAdder and a Logitech MX 5500.

The Master mouse pad is also nice in its large size as well as its width at 15 inches and about 9 inches in height with a thickness of just over an eighth of an inch. The size is nice for those first person shooters to be able to move side to side without falling off the edge of your pad.

The Master mouse pad has a beveled or sloped front so there is no hard corner for your wrist which is a really nice feature I have not seen in other mouse pads. Even though the mouse pad is two layers of foam the top layer is a harder plastic and the bevel ensures you don’t have the hard corner digging into your arm or wrist.

The Master from Nova Gaming is a very nice mouse pad and one that works very well for gaming and regular mouse use with your computer. You can also purchase the Nova Gamers bag to fit your mouse pad, mouse, keyboard and other essential gaming gear for a great mobile gaming bag.

The Nova gamers bag B4L or Bag 4 Lan is a great gamers bag or even a great bag to carry your keyboard and other computer peripherals for non gamers. The gamer B4L bag is a nice compartmented bag with a large zippered pocket that has two side areas and a middle divider that can hold the Master or other mouse pads.

The large zippered area has a large pocket for your keyboard and two pockets for other gear like mouse, headphones and even snacks or drinks. The large pocket that headphones would fit nicely into as well as the large pocket for your keyboard has a Velcro secured flap to keep your gear inside.

There is also a smaller zippered compartment on the side away from the padded flat spot where the bag would rest against your back while carrying. The smaller compartment has several pockets and even a key ring which clicks into the clasp secured on the inside of the compartment.

I easily fit my MX 5500 keyboard mouse set, my Otto OT-5 headphones, the Master mouse pad a couple of 24 ounce bottles of soda and several snacks and still have room for other things. There is even a cell phone pouch on the strap that has a Velcro closure and dedicated ID pocket for travel tag with your name and address.

The B4L bag has one adjustable shoulder strap for over the shoulder carrying and even has a vented back and strap for comfort as well as a handle for hand carrying. The B4L bag is a nice weatherproof bag that will protect your valuable gaming gear but it would also make a great bag for carrying your peripherals when traveling.

The bag would be easy to search and would not require much in the way of baggage space for a carry-on when traveling by plane, bus or train. The bag would make a nice convenient way to travel with all your valuable computer peripherals due to the precise fit for the keyboard.

Many travel bags do not have a secure or protected way to carry the keyboard but the B4L is designed for this and would make a great travel bag for your computer peripherals. The B4L bag is a great way to travel to those Lan parties or other gaming events and makes a great companion to your gaming gear.

Both the Master mouse pad and the B4L gamers bag makes great gaming gear for your computer gaming from Nova Gaming and is available from several internet stores. I highly recommend the Master mouse pad for a good responding mouse pad and the B4L bag to hold your gear.

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